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  • The figure of fashion business
  • The arranged market for designer apparel has to do with Rs 250 crore
  • Designer wear computes to less than 1 per-cent of the apparel market
  • The international market for designer wear is 5 per-cent of total clothing market
  • The worldwide market for designer wear industry is largely depending on the small-scale sector
  • Consumers for designer wear have yearly home earnings of Rs 10 lakh-plus. There are 3 lakh such families developing at 40-45 percent
  • Designer wear market is projected to increase to Rs 1,000 crore by 2015.

More than 81 per-cent of the population below 45 years of the age is fashion mindful.

Lots of designer and management professionals anticipate an average growth of about 10-12 per-cent for the Indian fashion business in the coming years. The development rate could be more than 15 per cent, if infrastructural and other logistical bottlenecks and downsides are overcome.